The Day She Decided to Become a Writer
by Matthew
November 23, 2021

Since launching the tour, we’ve been getting messages from friends sharing stories of the impact author visits had on their own development as readers or creators.

I especially like this story from our friend Danielle:

“When I was six years old, the author of a popular book series came to visit my school. I had always loved books, but it was the first time I understood that PEOPLE wrote books. They didn’t just appear! This was so magical I’ve never forgotten the exact moment this dawned on me while listening to Suzy Kline’s talk, and I still have my signed copy of Horrible Harry and the Green Slime. It was the day I decided to become a writer, because it was the day I realized that it was even a possibility. These visits make a difference.”

Whenever Robbi and I go into a school—in addition to creating a fun and exciting few hours for the students and teachers—our ultimate hope is to plant seeds that might lead to reading, writing, drawing, creative thinking, self-empowerment, collaboration, or all of the above.

Do you have memories of author visits from your own elementary school days? Or other assemblies that stick with you all these years later? If so, please share!

Looking back, I can’t remember a single one. I’m not sure whether that’s a function of my school not having the funding to bring anyone in or because my memory is generally terrible. Or maybe all of the above.


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