Busload of Books on the #AmWriting Podcast
by Matthew
December 11, 2021

A few weeks ago, Robbi and I had the honor and fun of sitting down with dear friend and fellow author Jessica Lahey (The Gift of Failure and The Addiction Inoculation) to talk about writing, the creative process, and the Busload of Books tour.

The conversation was fun and funny and revealing. I know we’re in the hands of an expert interviewer when I learn something about myself along the way.

Here’s our episode: https://bit.ly/BoBamwriting

For anyone interested in writing, editing, querying, agents, proposals, getting your work out into the world, and just plain getting the work done…you must check out the incredible, award-winning #AmWriting podcast, hosted by Jess and the wonderful K.J. Dell’Antonia (which has recently been named to Book Riot’s top ten podcasts for writers).


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The Busload of Books Tour is a year-long project to promote literacy and raise awareness of the challenges facing our nation’s public schools.

Author/illustrator duo Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr (that’s us) and our four kids will spend the 2022-2023 school year traveling the country in a school bus/tiny home, visiting Title I schools in all 50 states (plus DC), and giving away 25,000 hardcover books to students and teachers from underserved communities.

As we travel, we will be blogging, vlogging and posting frequently to social media. All of our content will be appropriate for bringing families and students along on our ultimate road trip.

The latest on Instagram:

Here’s what’s next. A mere 2,134 miles remain between Squamish and Anchorage. In any other year, this would be the adventure and not an addendum.

We have pasta and firewood, a pound of salami and two cases of Coke. Our water and gas tanks are full.

Robbi did this drive as a kid, crammed in the back of a pickup with her sister and brother. Back then the roads weren’t paved and she spent the whole trip eating dust. Our drive will be luxurious in comparison.

So long for now—or not, depending on the whims of the rural Canadian Internet.

Anchorage or bust.


134 14

The Daily Minute: 6.4.23
In which Robbi’s back-up Coca Cola has a rather nice view.


39 0

Whoever you are, take your seat on the bus!

Our adventure is your adventure. Our country is your country, too. Follow along with us!