Wandering Family Seeking Showers and Extension Cord
by Matthew
January 9, 2022

As we embark upon the next stage of bus tour planning, the time has come to ask you a series of uncomfortable questions.

Such as: Can we park our bus in your driveway? May we use your shower? And bathroom? Might we wash our dirty socks in your washing machine? And siphon power from your grid? And…most important to Matthew…will you feed us dinner

The bottom line: We are in active search of kindly hosts willing to endure the oversized insult of our traveling menagerie.
Because we are already being demanding, ROBBI HAS CREATED A FORM FOR YOU TO FILL OUT if you are interested and willing to host us for a night on the bus tour.

You can reference the color-coded map above to see when we might be in your part of the world. Or click here for a more detailed sense of our basic route.


  • 1) We will still love you if you’re not able to host us.
  • We might not be able to visit you even if you fill out the form. (Our itinerary is still evolving, but your responses will help us figure out where to go.
  • Our family includes two adults, four children (14, 12, 10, and 5), and a rowdy Boston terrier.
  •  Robbi will disown you if you comment below but do not fill out the form.
  • When you make Robbi mad, it makes things worse for the rest of us.

Thank you, Friends! We look forward to seeing some of you (and your bathrooms) on the road!


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Author/illustrator duo Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr (that’s us) and our four kids will spend the 2022-2023 school year traveling the country in a school bus/tiny home, visiting Title I schools in all 50 states (plus DC), and giving away 25,000 hardcover books to students and teachers from underserved communities.

As we travel, we will be blogging, vlogging and posting frequently to social media. All of our content will be appropriate for bringing families and students along on our ultimate road trip.

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