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We invite you and your students to join us for a virtual tour of America’s unsung wonders and off-the-beaten-path communities. At every step, we’ll be documenting our travels via daily photos, essays, sketches, and videos.

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The Daily Minute: 3.30.23
In which Matthew demonstrates the transitive power of the crank crevice.


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Here’s a photo I should have posted a month ago, the mural as it stood on March 1.
I’ve been dragging my feet for a number of reasons. Long and tiring days. The (self-imposed) pressure to say something meaningful and conclusive). The math involved to see how many miles we’d travled in February.
But mostly because March 1 marked six months since we left home. Which meant our adventure was more than halfway done. Which was not something I wanted to admit.
This trip has been the greatest six months of my life, and it’s hard to imagine anything that happens hereafter measuring up.  
I’m already nostalgic for September when we were just getting started. I’m already nostalgic for yesterday.
This photo is badly outdated, but I’m putting it here for the sake of posterity. I don’t have the energy to process our travels on a day-by-day basis, so these posts will be the record I’ll return to as I try to make sense of all this once we’re sitting still again.
Breadcrumbs in the woods, leading me backward to the place and the moment we started.

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In which Robbi wants you to know we are often to be found doing nothing in empty, windswept places.


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