Hello Wonderful Title I Educators!

Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr here—author/illustrator, husband/wife creators of picture books and illustrated middle grade novels.

We spent the 2022-2023 school year traveling the country in our tiny home school bus, visiting Title I schools in all 50 states on the Busload of Books Tour.

We wish we could have visited your school in person, and perhaps we will someday, but for now we’re offering the next-best thing—FREE ACCESS (for Title I educators) to videos of our Tour presentations, drawing demos, and supporting educational materials for all elementary ages.

The presentations are funny, high-energy, and supported by more than 100 illustrations, photos, and animations. We hope they might bring a bit of fun, laughter, and creative spark to your classrooms and community.

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Presentation for Pre-K – 1st Grade

That Full Moon Feeling

Finding the Wonder and Telling Your Story

Using our picture book Everywhere, Wonder as a guide, we describe the process of working together to write and illustrate a picture book—emphasizing themes of observation, discovery, storytelling, and creative empowerment.

Supporting materials prompt students to create and share their own stories—and a drawing demo teaches them how to draw a bear!

Presentation for 2nd – 6th Grade

Bulldozers in the Fog

The Power of Creative Expression

With our middle grade series Cookie Chronicles as a backdrop, we describe our creative process and the wonderful weirdness of language—using proverbs as a framework for sharing empowering ideas and encouraging creative exploration.

Supporting activities challenge students to match proverbs with their meanings—and a drawing demo teaches them how to draw Dumbles the Dog!

To access this free content, fill out the form below, and confirm you work for a Title I-eligible school. Once you submit the form, you’ll receive an email with a password and a URL that will lead you to the content!

Note: These materials are for Title I educators only to share within their Title I communities. Like most creators, we can’t usually offer free access to our presentations, as school visits provide an essential source of income while giving students an invaluable opportunity to interact with us in person. But we’re aware that many schools – including most receiving Title I funding – are unable to afford author visits. For that reason, we’re extending the benefits of the Tour to more schools by providing this free content for Title I educators to share with their classrooms and communities. All others should click HERE to learn more about paid in-person or virtual visits or workshops.

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